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Casson & Friends

Casson & Friends create unique performances that are interactive and joyful. The company - founded by Tim Casson - often collaborates with the public, inviting them to engage with dance in exciting and accessible ways.


With a passion for bringing dance to people in new and unusual contexts, C&F’s work has been presented in Shopping Centres, Libraries, Hotels, Pubs, Offices and Football Stadiums. C&F also explore the potential of digital technology to create new ways of enhancing and engaging with dance performance.

As Executive Producer (2019-2023) I supported the company and focus on strategy, income generation, finances, partnership development and innovative product development - which includes works made exclusively for the Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

I supported the continued internationalisation of the organisation and developed a new, year long partnership with West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong to train 20+ disabled and non-disabled dancers to create 22 performances of The Dance WE Made across Hong Kong.

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