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I am currently actively researching and making plans in two particular areas of work - and invite connections from others based in the UK and further afield.


If you're interested in innovative archiving practices and collectivist producing within dance, the performing arts and culture please get in touch.

Community Organiser

As a Community Organiser, I'm interested in distributing knowledge and decentralising power.


Working with Lee Griffiths - as Producing Heads - we created a suite of workshops (funded by Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy) for independent producers working in Hip Hop dance theatre with sessions from Sri Sarker (ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company), Emma Ponsford (Breakin' Convention) and Raj Pardesi.

In March 2020 in the first wave of the COVID lockdown Kate Scanlan, Carly Woodbridge, Lee Griffiths, Emily Crouch and I came together to offer free funding advice and bespoke support to over 50 UK based Hip Hop dance artists to apply to the Dancers Benevolent Fund and Arts Council England - Emergency Fund. 

"The Avengers of producers right here. Get in touch if you're a Hip Hop creative and need help accessing emergency fund."

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