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Essays / Criticism

In July 2020 I published Remixing Criticism - Hip Hop Dance Under The Microscope - a robust and text based interactive critique of Hip Hop, dance, criticism, institutional power and the erasure of women in the UK. Part outsider commentary, part reflective essay and part detailed critique; it blends styles, approaches and formalities to offer a new perspective of Hip Hop dance in the UK.

In 2015 I was invited by Nicholas Minns to be contribute to his independent online publication Writing About Dance; since then I have written about dance from across UK, Europe & Asia covering festivals, creation/rehearsal processes, performances, industry conferences and I'm increasingly interested in examining issues of institutional power and decision making. Here's my thoughts on Free Your Mind - The Matrix Now, the opening show at Aviva Studios in October 2023.

Alongside my writing, essays and criticism in dance and the performing arts I have a long history of writing about video games for Sci-Fi-London as well as writing for the Scottish Review of Books.

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