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PREPPERS: THE GAME is a work by Casson & Friends made exclusively for the Amazon Alexa smart speaker that asks are we prepared?

In the game you start underground, you’re alone and you use your voice to make choices; the choices you make will have an impact on what happens. PREPPERS: THE GAME is free to play and offers two distinct routes; one route focuses more on prepping that happens in a bunker and the other on survivalism and being outdoors.

Described as a digital escape room, as the writer I structured each route into three acts, exploring how the body and mind react in these different environments.


With over 60 minutes of content and interactive tasks you can pause at the end of each act or play all the way through in one sitting. It offers the chance to interact, learn about and understand some of the skills and techniques you might need in order for your body and mind to survive.

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