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Interactive Fiction / Other

Sat alongside my essay, residencies and critical writing, I also write (and have been commissioned) some more formally experimental texts for online, digital and IRL spaces.

I've created interactive works in Twine inc. Preppers: The GameRemixing Criticism and Inside Choreocracy (which chronicled how the production Choreocracy was made). 

From 2007-2009 I was invited by Goat Island to contribute to their constraint based collaborative writing project The Last Performance dot org created with Judd Morrissey.

In 2009 Cupola Bobber invited me to contribute to their Reading Companion for their performance Way Out West, The Sea Whispered Me, which toured internationally in 2009-10. The Reading Companion is an exquisite 24" x 36" double-sided colour poster in which the texts are laid out to take on the shapes of the landscape - Sea, Mountain, Cloud, etc. Other contributors were Alice Booth, Simon Bowes, Lucy Cash, Karen Christopher, Ezra Clayton Daniels, Zach Dodson, Jeff Harms, CJ Mitchell, Bryan Saner and David Williams. 

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